Tarrus Does it again!!!!!!!!!!

This one baaadddd

Tarrus Riley ft Konshens – Good Girl Gone Bad



Is this the end of Archie comics as we know it?

Archie has been involved in a romantic triangle with Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge since forever. But it seems like this is finally over. Come September he will get married…..Married??? But what will the comic be now? Not much fun to read…martial problems, arguments, cheating?

LOL. Could they get really 21st century and have Archie marry Jughead???

Anyway i really hopes he chooses Betty! What say you?

Has anyone heard the JFJ comment on any of the gruesome murders of our children over the last month??????????

No more

LOVE THIS ONE TOO…Bwoy we little country talented!!!!

For the past few days i have been picking up my son from extra classes as he gets ready for GSAT next year…..So usually my radio is on Fame Fm and we hear the 12:30pm newscast. Every day there are several reports always ending in “pronounced dead”….Now it is almost second nature to me as i have almost become numb to hearing it….Once he counted and there were five stories ended in pronounced dead…and he said “mummy would it be nice for a change for there to be a whole news report without those words” and he and his friend started chanting the words “pronounced dead” to a reggae beat…….Today while heading to work i saw the body of a lifeless man lying on Maxfield Road, the police had cordoned the area so i had to divert from my normal route, he seemed to be a young guy had a black bag across his chest and there were scores of persons standing around while the police investigated…..and i thought here goes another report that will end in “pronounced dead” perhaps on the newscast as i pick up my son tomorrow or later on the TV news…..

What can we as individuals or as a society do??? Anything???

Can we one day just get up and hear instead that crime, injustice, corruption has been “pronounced dead” for a change?????

L.U.S.T – Just As I Am

Another favorite of mine….cant touch tarrus though

Friday, Saturday and Sunday all filled with Track & Field at the National Stadium. I am dying for the games in China to begin so that i can see the real match up between Bolt and Asafa…(my heart is with Asafa, but Bolt looking really really easy, so effortless) Now on Saturday the stadium was filled to the brim, well grandstand anyway and it was the first time ever that the bleachers was opened to the public for these trials. Someone commented on the fact that they could remember when it was free to go to see the National Trials…..The filled stadium one would argue was all because of the “match up” b/n the two, but it was the women, both 100m and 200m that stole the meet. Can you imagine Veronica Campbell 4th in the 100m, she did redeem herself in the 200m though…..but the althete to watch is Kerron Stewart…..See this news report from the Miami Herald Do our altheltes run in the hills of Blue mountains

Before i went to the Stadium on Sunday, i went up to Orange Park Great house in St. Thomas. I tried “googling” the name to see if i could get anymore information on the history surrounding the House, but alas no luck so far.. The artist, Barrington Watson lives there with his family. He just got married and because it was a quiet ceremony, he had a little function for a few guest….Food and company was good….so i had a great time….Art was all over the house, as expected, the flooring looked to be the same stone flooring that must have been there from beginning….i could easily see that my house……..Speaking about house, i have my eyes set on one a little up the road from where i now live, to afford it, i will have to sell where i am living now ( i shudda just stole 4 paintings on Sunday and i wud be able to afford the house)…… I have not yet advertised mine, but bumped into someone who is very very interested and has applied to see if she would be approved for the mortgage…..so crossing all fingers and toes, and anything else that i can cross….

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