October 2006

Tried to get registered with a group of Caribbean Bloggers and the whole process is making me wonder whether i will be any good at all the “techie” stuff in making a blog work…..It took about 50 e-mails, well maybe i exaggerate a bit, about 10 e-mails before i finally got it right!!!!! anyway thx Miss C. I appreciate the help and yes i will def call on you if i need more help in the future…..

Little J, my daughter had her first performance on a stage today. I think i was far more excited about it than she was…..We had had weeks of impromptu mini performances at home so i was hoping against hope that she would have been a knock-out on the stage…..So we go, all dressed in her bandanna skirt and white tee shirt and head band, and also her first time in make-up…..red lipstick green eyeshadow and reddish blush( u can tell that i am not a make-up expert) anyway i did my best…..took about 20 pictures and off we went. When she got to school i took her inside and she didn’t want to leave my side….mistake # 1, then we were late…as usual….so we had back seats…..now u know i couldn’t see anything so i took my chair and went all the way up front……where she could see me……mistake #2…..(she spent the whole time looking at me) anyway took more pictures of her seated on stage…….then lights…camera….action……uhm…action….uhm….still waiting on the action ….eventually there was a little movement detected and some opening of the mouth, but most of the time was spent with her watching the other kids…and then following along….ALL in all though a GREAT first performance…..i was still all excited clicking away and taping mini videos…..she had a bigger thrill looking at the pics and watching the video when she got back home…and of course, signing at that time at the TOP of her voice….go figure…..has the mouth only when she is home……anyway a good time was had by all……Speaking of which, her pre-school cost a pretty Penny $46,000, then we had to donate all the food which they then turn around and sold us!!!!!!!!! bwoy………..i am used to it though but it still amazes me…..i need to go and run a pre-school!!!!!!!!! trying to figure out how to add pictures but first i need to decide whether i would want to post actual pictures of my kids on the internet……

Well, after a couple of months of regualry reading about four or so blogs almost on a daily basis, I have decided to experiment and start one of my own. I have no idea what I will use this medium to convey or share but as I have figured from reading others the ideas will “just come”. Anyway I hope I will be able to be half as interesting as some of you out there and hopefully this will in some way help me to be more in touch with the person who I am DEEP down inside.