Yeah!!!!!!!!!……after weeks of no movement in the scale it has finaly moved by two pounds in the downward direction of course….why is it that we as women are so obsessed about our weight….my best friend from high school days and I to this day we still have conversations …and really serious ones too, about weight…(if only i weighed what i did back then and NOTE back then i thought i was too fat)….seriously though i dont think we will ever be satified with how we look…becasue we will always see that extra bulge and the cellulite no matter what…..anyway i am surprised that i started this blog from late october and it is now the second week in Nov and it took me so long to mention my WEIGHT!!!..anyway i have been walking religiously in an effort to improve my overall fitness level (right!) and of course lose some weight…my goal…..15 to 20 more pounds….I will be taking a trip this thanksgiving to ATL so i know that the two pounds will probably come right back on…but for now i am happy that that are gone!!!!!!