December 2006

Its late…after 11 and i am up waiting on the christmas cakes to come out of the oven……first time trying a 2lb mixture and somehow i think my scale was mal-fuctioning….i guess we will find out how it taste soon….sometimes i wonder why bother with all this baking as most of it will be given away, but i guessss it is the sprit of the season……well, one more week to go for christmas and i havent even bought one gift yet……not looking forward to the stores next week, actually the problem is not the stores is the PARKING!!!!! and when u do find a park u fret about someone non-driver pulling in next to you and putting a scratch on your car…anyway hopefully i will get sometime to finish it all before it is too late….everyyear though it is the same thing, and every year i vow to start shopping earlier……

PS. YEsterday was Little J’s B-day……all of three yrs old…

It is that time again, after putting up my christmas tree one week ago, i went to plug in the lights last night and nothing!!!!! Groan….now to find out which set of lights is bad and to take it off and restring the tree is not going to be fun….U think anyone wud notice if the tree doesnt light up????? The theme this year was red and green, yeah i know…boring…..the traditional christmas colours…..two years ago…i did purple and white…..that was cool……I guess i will get to work on fixing the lights this evening when i get home…..I promised myself that next year i am going to go with a all natural tree and get the fresh pine smell back into the house…..we will wait to see if that actually happens…..The tree is looking quite good though (although only one side of it is decorated) of course the side that is showing 🙂 anyway heres a little joke which i almost died laughing when i read it….to the start of the christmas season………..

“Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met at the pearly gates by St. Peter. “In honor of this holy season,” St. Peter said, ” If you want to get into heaven, you must each show me that you possess something that symbolizes Christmas.
” The first man fumbled though his pockets and pulled out a lighter and flicked it on. “This represents a candle”, he said. So St. Peter replied, “You may enter.”
The second man reached into his right pocket and pulled out a set of keys. He shook them and said, ” These represent bells.” So St. Peter said, “You also may enter.” Saint Peter said,” You may pass though the pearly gates.”
The third man was searching desperately though his pockets, to no avail. Then he finally pulled out a pair of women’s panties.
St. Peter looked at the man with a raised eyebrow and asked, “And just what do those symbolize?”

The man grinned and replied, “These are Carols.”
St. Peter fainted. And so the season begins . . . with a smile “

Hope u found that funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. Thanks again for the encouragement “Island spice” IT is hard though 🙂

Bwoy, Keeping up with a blog is not easy…..I find i spend more time reading others, as well as being selective in what i write becasue i dont want it to be seen by all eyes….anyway….I was off the island for a couple a days…made a trip to ATL after not being there for about 10yrs….Had a great time….did a lot of “firsts” …..if anything the time was just too short….i promised to make another trip before a next 10 yr period passes….. Another great thing about the trip was with all that food (on thanksgiving day) and the cakes (tried red velvet for the first time) i came home to find that i didnt put on ONE Pound!!!! YEAH!!!! probably the two days spent walking through the malls shopping (smile)……Just hope i will make it though christmas and be able to say the same thing….