Bwoy, Keeping up with a blog is not easy…..I find i spend more time reading others, as well as being selective in what i write becasue i dont want it to be seen by all eyes….anyway….I was off the island for a couple a days…made a trip to ATL after not being there for about 10yrs….Had a great time….did a lot of “firsts” …..if anything the time was just too short….i promised to make another trip before a next 10 yr period passes….. Another great thing about the trip was with all that food (on thanksgiving day) and the cakes (tried red velvet for the first time) i came home to find that i didnt put on ONE Pound!!!! YEAH!!!! probably the two days spent walking through the malls shopping (smile)……Just hope i will make it though christmas and be able to say the same thing….