I have just recovered from the two days of no sleep as a result of rebel salute… I would normally get to sleep on the Sunday as my parents live in mandeville, but I busted a tire on the way down and since i had no spare i had to travel in with company…hence no sleep until 9pm on sunday night….anyway it was worth it…buju was GREAT!!!!!!!! I love Etana, pretty girl with an amazing voice….she is bound to make it really big!!!!!!and the other performancers for the most part was good too….
Good news, my kids nanny – Miss P is finally out of the hospital…and will be back with me nxt monday!!! YEAH!!! life will return to normal….
Now looking forward to jazz festival…..They need to do something about accomodations though…luckily i got a link from a friend who have a friend who have a friend…etc….all i need is hot water, a/c and the bed….everything else will fall into place…Looking forward to ABBA and Kenny Rogers although i know none of them will top Air supply’s performance last year.