February 2007

Well, I did beat the walkers…i think! A lot of the persons who signed up for running did a lot of walking so it is hard to be sure….But i finished without stopping at all which was another aim i had. My girlfriend who timed me told me i clocked in at 32:15 so thats not bad, she did 28:50 something and she has been running for about 4 years so i really dont feel bad..plus if i had my trainer with me i would have done an even better time…I am sure i am in the top 300 females but def not top 300, if male and female are combined…..I hear they should have a website that has the official times so i will check it out if i find out where it is! FELT GOOD THOUGH!!!! Def will do it again it nxt yr…need more company….

Signed up to do the Sigma run weeks ago, then within this week got the chance to go to the Ritz for the night! As in one night! NOw i would love to go to the Riitz but not on the same w/e that i am gonna attempt the run! Needless to say someone isnt very happy….Anyway onto the details of the 5K race…….Now the history is that i HATE running…..but that aside i have been running for the past mmmhhmmmm bout 2 mths, and i have in fact completed a 5K (did it about 3 times) which is two laps of the Mona dam…So technically i should be able to do this! Anyway, we will see!! I actually started regularly excercising in June 2005, so it would be no problem to walk this distance, but since i am entered as a runner…then i will try to run the entire way…..would love to have company with me along the way…. I read today that only the top 300 walkers and top 300 runners will be offically recorded!!! somehow i doubt i will be in that number as there are a lot of experienced runners out there….anyway i will try and we shall see!!! Keep tuned for the results on Monday…..If i dont say anything dont ask! 🙂

PS: Lets hope none of the walkers beat me 🙂

I read a blog from “Stunner” that dealt with some weird body piercings… i had tried to comment but it didnt accept it not sure why….Anyway my thoughts on it……. I recently (2 plus mths ago) added another piercing to my body, nothing weird like the pics from stunners blog. This one was done at the top of my ear. I note “Kingston Girl’s” comment about being afraid to do it as it hurts!!!! Let me tell her!!! IT DOES!!!! but having said that i am still glad that i did it and i have to thank my friend Raqs for that! as if it were not for her, i wudnt have……actually another friend of mine did the piercing with me, so i had company and since then i have encouraged one more friend to do it (they are still cursing me today as it still pains) Anyway i look forward to the day when it dosent hurt anymore….. which i hear takes about 1 yr….the other piercing that I would love to do the belly button, as i think it is sexy, but alas, the tummy isnt flat enough yet!!! working on it though( probably wont ever do that one though)……now onto tattos, i like them, been thinking of getting one, but i hear that if you have a tattoo you cant give blood….does anyone know this for sure?????? If this is true, with elderly parents and kids, i just cant take that chance!!!!!

I like Peanut Butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a serious Sweet tooth and love Salty foods……….And Chocloate is, well chocolate….good in small doses….Now, which is better for me Peanut Butter or Sugary/Salty foods or Chocolate!!!!!!!!!! Thats Cryptic!!!!

Boy, it has been so long…..I hvae been under pressure with year end reports and planning for mgmt seminar to discuss 2007 and price increases……. not even sure if the jazz update is relevant anymore!!! but just to say the highlight for me was the art of reggae on the friday night (for a jazz show), and it didnt seem to be me alone becasue those were the acts that got the most vibrant crowd response…..Anthony Hamilton was good too…loved his voice!!! EW&F totally disappointed but the stylistics was good..ABBA too, although i only caught the tail end of that…..As usual parking and traffic was hell, but lets hope next year all that will be solved…Accomodations was great!!!! ended up at Halfmoon….but was upset casue i had already paid for and couldn’t get my money back from the other place…..not to worry though it was still fun!!!! now on to Lipoma….Learnt a new word…..had a minor surgery to remove some fat cells (be very careful with the fat comments) which had formed a lump in my side….now it has been there for years but i finally decided to remove it so that it can be tested….although the doc says that it should be ok and that they are rarely cancerous…i dont want to be the exception!!!! so i am healing now and waiting on the results…when he showed me what came out, i joked and asked if that means i have lost 1 lb!!!!! he laughed so much and told me no such luck…so i have to stick to the walking/running to lose the extra 10 lbs i want to get rid of……i cant belive that i actually miss it…..have only gone once since, as i am waiting on the cut to heal…anyway gonna go check all the updates on all the sites i usually read……thats a lot of catching up …about 3 wks worth