I read a blog from “Stunner” that dealt with some weird body piercings… i had tried to comment but it didnt accept it not sure why….Anyway my thoughts on it……. I recently (2 plus mths ago) added another piercing to my body, nothing weird like the pics from stunners blog. This one was done at the top of my ear. I note “Kingston Girl’s” comment about being afraid to do it as it hurts!!!! Let me tell her!!! IT DOES!!!! but having said that i am still glad that i did it and i have to thank my friend Raqs for that! as if it were not for her, i wudnt have……actually another friend of mine did the piercing with me, so i had company and since then i have encouraged one more friend to do it (they are still cursing me today as it still pains) Anyway i look forward to the day when it dosent hurt anymore….. which i hear takes about 1 yr….the other piercing that I would love to do the belly button, as i think it is sexy, but alas, the tummy isnt flat enough yet!!! working on it though( probably wont ever do that one though)……now onto tattos, i like them, been thinking of getting one, but i hear that if you have a tattoo you cant give blood….does anyone know this for sure?????? If this is true, with elderly parents and kids, i just cant take that chance!!!!!