Signed up to do the Sigma run weeks ago, then within this week got the chance to go to the Ritz for the night! As in one night! NOw i would love to go to the Riitz but not on the same w/e that i am gonna attempt the run! Needless to say someone isnt very happy….Anyway onto the details of the 5K race…….Now the history is that i HATE running…..but that aside i have been running for the past mmmhhmmmm bout 2 mths, and i have in fact completed a 5K (did it about 3 times) which is two laps of the Mona dam…So technically i should be able to do this! Anyway, we will see!! I actually started regularly excercising in June 2005, so it would be no problem to walk this distance, but since i am entered as a runner…then i will try to run the entire way…..would love to have company with me along the way…. I read today that only the top 300 walkers and top 300 runners will be offically recorded!!! somehow i doubt i will be in that number as there are a lot of experienced runners out there….anyway i will try and we shall see!!! Keep tuned for the results on Monday…..If i dont say anything dont ask! 🙂

PS: Lets hope none of the walkers beat me 🙂