March 2007

Hey, This was soooooooo funny. I still haven’t learnt how to put a link on a page………..but you can copy it and put it in explorer. The radio DJ wicked though!!!!!! Jasmine nah ramp…..poor hubby, it might say something for arranged marriages though…….people you got to know what/who you getting into!

I now know that i am not pre-menopausal….Whew! least not yet…. I think….The doc confirmed that it was option #3 in my earlier post, it is actually a cyst. The good news is though, that it seems to be going away by itself (a collapsing cyst) so hopefully no surgery will be required. Happy that i know though, casue if i had to go thru those pains mthly i cudnt manage. My heart goes out to those with regular mthly pains.

I never thought this would have ever happened, but really I should not be so suprised as more and more this “hairstyle” (not the religion) is becoming extremly popular. I myself have flirted with the idea of having this hairstyle becasue of the perceived easy handling. I say perceived becasue I hear the time it takes to get it really looking good is much longer than what I now spend at the hairdresser. However I have seen some really nice looking ones and equally some that dont look so great. The thing I cant deal with is how do I move from the “creme” hair to the locks, all the in between stages I see don’t look so hot at all. I feel though that I do need a change of hairstyle but I guess I will continue to give it more thought. Anyway back to the beauty queen, more power to her and we will all be watching to see how she does at the Miss Universe contest. If it is her religion though (and I gather it is), rastafarism and beauty contest????? I wonder…….

Am I the only Jamaican that has not gotten into the cricket hype??? i mean i would love the West Indies to win, but if they dont…uhm…SO?
I know, I know, blasphemy….but i have just never gotten into the game….maybe beasue i have never actually been to one, ( i hear the mound will convert me). I may just make it to the match nxt week Monday or Friday. Maybe after that i will have a change of heart and attitude!
Anyway i really hope they do win, although i hear Austrailia is the team to beat!
Any wagers?

Bwoy, I went through some pains last night that i have never felt before (except childbirth) I had some serious contractions for about 4 hrs……..i almost cried and thought of going to the hospital becasue i have never before felt those pains with my period……it all went away after taking four painkillers over a one hour span…..All sorts of things went thru my head…..1) Gas pains, 2) ectopic pregnancy (not possible), 3) a cyst on my tubes/ovaries, 4) pre-menopause and 5) just plain old period pains —-I have heard friends talk about the pains they go through and if the ones i had last night is what some people go thru every mth then thats living hell, i wud be scared every mth. But why would i just start getting period pains at 39 yrs old??????????? i will keep watching out for the rest of this week and for next mth!