Bwoy, I went through some pains last night that i have never felt before (except childbirth) I had some serious contractions for about 4 hrs……..i almost cried and thought of going to the hospital becasue i have never before felt those pains with my period……it all went away after taking four painkillers over a one hour span…..All sorts of things went thru my head…..1) Gas pains, 2) ectopic pregnancy (not possible), 3) a cyst on my tubes/ovaries, 4) pre-menopause and 5) just plain old period pains —-I have heard friends talk about the pains they go through and if the ones i had last night is what some people go thru every mth then thats living hell, i wud be scared every mth. But why would i just start getting period pains at 39 yrs old??????????? i will keep watching out for the rest of this week and for next mth!