April 2007

Back in office after a three day break. Well, not really a break but was out of town working….was staying at a all-inclusive so it did make the evenings better…..although i was too tired at the end of the day to really really enjoy!!! We really do have a pretty little island here and it is a shame that the crime level spoils that……Did some serious travelling over the three days, went falmouth, mobay, lucea, grange hill, savanna-la-mar, whitehouse, peterfield and still didnt get to do all i needed to get done! i would have needed a week!

Bwoy, the feedback on my hair has really been great! everyone loves it (makes me wonder what they really thought of the last hairstyle…mmmhhhhmmmm)  actually not that there was a hairstyle as it was always in one. But i guess the cut was a good move, it has been little over one week so i am due another trip to the barber! Sure feels good when having a shower not having to worry about getting the hair wet!!

Question? Is a twenty year gap too big for age difference in a relationship? I mean when one is 35 and the other 55, its not so bad! but when u get to 50 and the other is 70? mmmhhhmmmm….What u think????

I have made the decision to cut off my hair, not that it is long and flowing now as i keep cutting it occassionally, but this time i am gonna CUT it…afro-style very low afro…have an appt for Thursday evening…..I have been thinking about it for quite a while now and it does take a lot of courage….what if it doesnt look good? it will take me at least 4 mths to grow it back where it can look somewhat decent…..i have seen some good ones and some bad ones, lets hope mine wont look too bad…( i think my head might be too big for it though)…but hey, i wont know until i try it!!! keep tuned for the outcome….