Great show, gave up going to the play strength of a woman, just to watch grey’s anatomy…..(did i mention that i need a life)

What up with Meredith?? She cant be shutting Dereck out like that????? The romantic in me wants them to make it work, although it makes for better tv to have them in trouble!
Poor Callie, although, I do want her to find out about Izzie for sure!!!!
Is Karev in love with Rebecca????
We need a love interest for the chief!
Whats the deal with these mountaineers??!!??

Rooting for Melinda on AI, but to be honest Jordin will have more appeal to the younger set who i think are the ones that buys cd’s more…..

I have made a promise to myself not to get hooked on any more tv shows….I feel like I cant miss an episode! Lucky for me, these are the only two I am hooked on!

TGIF to all!!! not that I have a lot planned….but at least no work tomorrow..