I have a friend (no names will be mentioned) who has been with this guy for about 16 years. During the last about 5 years of the relationship they have been having problems relating to a woman friend of his, who he claimed all along was JUST his friend!, now all of a sudden i get an invitation to his wedding…..for next month! and he is getting married to the “just a friend” friend!! (she is not pregnant! i asked). Now this has thrown everybody, all the friends and family, as he was kinda sorta still in a relationship with my friend too..(and i bet he still loves her)..now over the years (cause he is my friend too), i had begged him to leave her alone if he knew he wasn’t serious about her…….anyway now my girlfriend is in a state, going through shock and disbelief and has sworn never again to trust another man (he was her first and only boyfriend) calling men all sorts of names etc etc etc, i try to tell her she will get over it and that eventually it wont matter much and that one day she WILL love again…….but for now she not hearing that……..i kinda had a similar occurence in my life many years ago, as there was a guy i was with for about 10 years and everybody had thought our wedding was a done deal, then we started having an “on again” “off again” relationship……eventually i heard from his brother that he was getting married because some girl was pregnant for him and even though we were in a “off again” state, i cudnt talk to him for a while. After 8 yrs of his marriage and 3 kids later, he is got divorced, but way way way before that we had gotten to a point where we were could talk, without me feeling anything at all. So i speak from exeprience when i tell her that she will move on and the day will come when it doesnt matter……who knows, she may be much better off and meet a much nicer guy!!!…….But as some of my friends have been saying this kind of behavior from men will casue any woman to be turned off men for life!!!!!! The average women is just not as cold as most men!!!!!