I was tagged by Madbull to do this meme about me……..

The game is thus:

  1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves
  2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and 8 random facts about themselves
  3. Then tag 8 other people and notify them that they have been tagged

Not sure these wud be considered random….but here goes….

  1. I am afraid of roaches….they really freak me out, i cant kill them not even the teeny tiny ones…now thisis nto a case of the regular woman being afraid of creepy crawlers, because nothing else scares me, not lizards, spiders nor even rats…….
  2. I have been blessed with good friends…….(real bonafide bredrens) who have been around me most of my life…and a few more recent…and for that i am very very appreciative and even though i dont mention this to them much, if at all…i think/hope they all know…..
  3. I think i am fat!!!!(okay which woman duznt think that about themself) seriously though i am kinda obsessed with my weight and the “need” to be slimmer than i am….the good thing is that i am workign on it, i envy those women who can eat anything and not put on a lb (silently cursing them under my breath). I am grateful however that becasue of this obsession i have started excercign regulary about 1 year now and all my medical stats have improved…so yeah!!! and in addition i have met soem great excercise partners/friends over the year…..(still have 20 lbs to go ((okay maybe 15, no def 20) to be where i want to be 🙂
  4. I would love to learn to bellydance…….i think it is sooooooooo sexy…..went as far as getting my grilfriend to copy some dvd’s for me, but they didnt work….maybe i should just buy them instead, or better yet…..does anyone give bellydancing lessons in Kingston……I will sign up…email me!!! 🙂 (i have only admitted this to two persons)
  5. I really love reading…….I have somewhat grown out of the lovey dovey mills and boons that were the craze in high school. The last book i read – Honeymoon by James Patterson, next one lined up, the Fifth Horseman – same authour. Loved all four of Dan Brown books- he wrote the Da Vinci Code……Along this line, i also love watching documentaries about space and nature related stuff…… yeah yeah…boring and geeky ..right
  6. I have been working at the same group of Companies since i left University some 17 years ago…….Complacent???? or Committed?????The good thing is that i have goen through many different positions at different companies within the group so it is not like i have been doing the same thing for all those years……I dont think i have found what i was meant to be doing with my life..(if at 40, that age coming up nxt mth, sounds scary huh, nah…i really dont have an issue with my age), but if at this stage i dont know what i want …..then heavens help me…problem is i dont think a lot of people really know what their true passion in life is!!! much less to be living it….
  7. I love romantic movies………even though i am not a very expressive person with my feelings…movies like When Harry Met Sally, Pretty Woman, Return to Me, Love Affair….. etc etc etc… I will watch all kinds of movies though, well all except the “kickers”…Cant understand what men get out of watching those…u know the ones that the words dont match with the movemnt of the mouth……
  8. I love 80’s and early 90’s music…….they are timeless, i think maybe each generation gets hooked to the music that was around in their prime party years…..not sayign that i cant and dont appreciate the now stuff…but the older music will win everytime……

Whew….what a long list this turned out to be, not knowign what the #$%# i was gonna write……..

Dont have 8 people to tag though, but will tag, Outerspace, Spice, Leon, Stunner and Kingston Girl….hope they will play along……it was kinda fun to do…