Well, I spent the entire weekend at the stadium from Friday to Sunday…I am an athletics fan so i had a great time…Worried though about all the injuries and threat of injuries…..Was glad to see the Bolt breaking Quarries 30 odd year record for the 200m. He has def matured as a runner and has put on some weight….but what is up with both him and Asafa with watching the clock as they run throught he tape….his time would be a lot faster if he hadnt done that…Campbell is also looking good, her trainer needs to get her to improve her “start”…..Was looking forward to see how the young Blake (who they are touting to be the next Asafa) would have done but he pulled out after making it to the finals…..injury again….Also very worried about Asafa’s groin injury….I wonder if they would let me treat him 🙂 i am sure i could help out there….( i am not in the habit of looking at mens uhm privates….but you cant help but notice his) anyway back to it…..he pulled up twice in the 100m and STILL won and in a time of 10.04……Bwoy that fast u nuh……….Even Tyson Gay (who i suspect is dosing up) shouldnt beat him if he is at his best……Looking forward to the world championships…should b e fun, just hope our team will stay healthy enough to make us proud…..Asafa really needs the medal at a world level even though he has the record now……..

See pic of womens 100 just before the start below..Courtesy of Outerspace (I didn’t walk with my camera)