July 2007

Taurs’s performance made my weekend…..all 39 1/2 minutes of him (but who is checking) :-). However the performance of the show (in my perspective) was no doubt Mary J…..The funny thing is that i really wasnt feeling her before, (I must be the only female who is not really into her)…but I have to admit that her performance and the way she resonated with the audience especially the females members….topped all other performers…Beres was again, as usual, very entertaining…he brought Beenie (who seemed to be under the influence) up on stage and also had interaction with him in the audience which went over very well…..he also teased the producer of the show about his pay……Another great performer on Sat was Tanya Stephens, she, as always, was full of lyrics…. Friday night’s performer for me was Buju…Shaggy as always very entertaining…..LL (and his lips) ūüôā had the women going……he brought several women on stage and trust me dem was all trying to give him a taste of the J/can “wining” , he had to run whey couple times…..he really does have a nice body though…but i am not so much into the hip hop stuff……..Thw down side of Friday was that i got there late and missed Etana’s performance….she is another upcoming artist to look out for….I didnt go on Thursday night (dance hall night) but i heard that that was the night that had the most crowd……I made sure to leave both night before the show was finished becasue i have had past issues with leaving shows like this and being stuck in traffic for hours…….Another highlight of the festival was the fashion……I was silently cracking up……i mean high heels???? and dresses with plunging backs and necks???? to a festival where u gonna be standing all night and also dancing along to the music!!!!…..but i guess anything to “look good”….. who knows maybe they were laughing at me and saying how i was so “underdressed” in my jeans and sandals……Anyway overall it was a good show with the best night being Saturday for me…..Will definitley be back…

What wouldnt I give to be this creative……It is a little long but…..Awesome!!!!! I bet no-one can guess what he is painting until the very end…unless of course, you have seen it before!!!!

Went with my parents and my family and a good friend to Little Ochi on Saturday.¬†My dad’s birthday is July 17th and so since I wont be able to be with him on the day we all went to eat…He is 78 and suffering from Alzheimers, which we belive was¬†brought on by a stroke he had last year….Anyway we all had a great time…their prices are unbelivable, I hope “blacka” ( i think that’s his name) doesn’t let the suceess of his business go to his prices. If we had a similar meal at Helshire we could not afford to pay that bill. Plus the food taste great, their pepper shrimp and garlic lobster and jerk conch is to die for!!….It was well worth the drive for…..

I am working on a new project at work which has me in a lot of dust…this caused my sinus to bother me the whole w/e…..sometimes i would give anything not to be bothered by sinus attacks….my girlfriend from Atlanta who will be here on Thursday this week, should be bringing me a netipot (Once again, this is¬†something i heard on Oprah) hopefully this will bring me some relief when i have bad attacks….Heading down to Mobay this Friday to go to Sumfest….It will be my first visit there, i have been to sunsplash a couple of times but never Sumfest….really looking forward to Taurus Riley who just happens to be my favorite singer right now!! It was rough trying to get somewhere to stay, everywhere was booked out…. luckily i had some contacts and was able to get a room at the last minute…….hopefully i will be better by then so that i can enjoy it…..

The new seven wonders of the world was recently announced on July 7th, 2007 (07/07/07) You think they consulted with Portia ūüôā Anyway¬†see the new listing for the new seven wonders here ¬†which was selected by a global election.

I wonder if we have any man-made structures though-out the Caribbean that could even have made the cut…..Perhaps not. The only other Caribbean Island¬†I have ever been to is St. Lucia so I dont have much knowledge make any suggestions. However St. Lucia does have the¬†Pitons ( there may be a better picture out there). Oprah (yes, i am a big Oprah fan) once had them on her list of places to visit at least once….this¬†could possibly be a entry for the nominations for the new seven wonders of the world for “nature”, see the criteria for entry¬†here . I guess our Blue¬†Mountains would not match up to all the other moutain ranges worldwide.¬†¬†The nominations for this will go through until the 08/08/08.

So where else in the caribbean could qualify and compete worldwide for a spot in the top seven wonders in nature??????

I wonder!

Question: What is the truest definition of Globalization?

Answer: Princess Diana’s death.

Question: How come?

Answer: An English princess with an Egyptian boyfriend crashes in a French tunnel, driving a German car with a Dutch engine, driven by a Belgian who was drunk on Scottish whisky, followed closely by Italian Paparazzi, on Japanese motorcycles; treated by an American doctor, using Brazilian medicines.

This is sent to you by a Jamaican, using Bill Gates’s technology, and you’re probably reading this on your computer, that uses Taiwanese chips, and a Korean monitor, assembled by Bangladeshi workers in a Singapore plant.

That, my friends, is Globalization

Not sure about all the claims made above…thought it was something to think about…..

Another all-island black-out courtesy of JPSCo after 5am this morning…..Funny the last time this happened was almost one year ago (July 14 or 15th¬†I think). Last one was blamed on a lightning strike¬†and required a commission of enquiry into finding out the reason…wonder what this one will end up being…all we hear so far is “problems” at the Old Harbour plant……We see what the casuse was at 2:48pm they say 80% of the island has been restored.

To give credit, there really hasnt been that many power cuts in the past year, although¬†I have noticed a few since the start of the “summer” I guess maybe extra load on the system due to use of air conditioning units from homes, cause so far the summer is looking like it is gonna be a torcher……