The new seven wonders of the world was recently announced on July 7th, 2007 (07/07/07) You think they consulted with Portia 🙂 Anyway see the new listing for the new seven wonders here  which was selected by a global election.

I wonder if we have any man-made structures though-out the Caribbean that could even have made the cut…..Perhaps not. The only other Caribbean Island I have ever been to is St. Lucia so I dont have much knowledge make any suggestions. However St. Lucia does have the Pitons ( there may be a better picture out there). Oprah (yes, i am a big Oprah fan) once had them on her list of places to visit at least once….this could possibly be a entry for the nominations for the new seven wonders of the world for “nature”, see the criteria for entry here . I guess our Blue Mountains would not match up to all the other moutain ranges worldwide.  The nominations for this will go through until the 08/08/08.

So where else in the caribbean could qualify and compete worldwide for a spot in the top seven wonders in nature??????

I wonder!