Went with my parents and my family and a good friend to Little Ochi on Saturday. My dad’s birthday is July 17th and so since I wont be able to be with him on the day we all went to eat…He is 78 and suffering from Alzheimers, which we belive was brought on by a stroke he had last year….Anyway we all had a great time…their prices are unbelivable, I hope “blacka” ( i think that’s his name) doesn’t let the suceess of his business go to his prices. If we had a similar meal at Helshire we could not afford to pay that bill. Plus the food taste great, their pepper shrimp and garlic lobster and jerk conch is to die for!!….It was well worth the drive for…..

I am working on a new project at work which has me in a lot of dust…this caused my sinus to bother me the whole w/e…..sometimes i would give anything not to be bothered by sinus attacks….my girlfriend from Atlanta who will be here on Thursday this week, should be bringing me a netipot (Once again, this is something i heard on Oprah) hopefully this will bring me some relief when i have bad attacks….Heading down to Mobay this Friday to go to Sumfest….It will be my first visit there, i have been to sunsplash a couple of times but never Sumfest….really looking forward to Taurus Riley who just happens to be my favorite singer right now!! It was rough trying to get somewhere to stay, everywhere was booked out…. luckily i had some contacts and was able to get a room at the last minute…….hopefully i will be better by then so that i can enjoy it…..