Forecasters had predicted a very active hurricane season for 2007. Thankfully we are into August and nothing yet (for JA anyway), but then again August and early September is usually the busiest time….Which reminds me I should do the regular stocking up of particular items so that if and when the hurricane approaches I wont get caught in the mad rush at the supermarkets….Anyway there is one called Dean, who is seemingly approaching and seems to have us right in its path for late Saturday into Sunday(courtesy of the weather channel)….but we know how these systems are and all that might change…Hopefully it will, as i plan to be off the island again next Thursday to head back to FL for 10 days (This includes a disney trip with the kids….can u belive in my 40 years I have not been there either)…..and usually after we get a hurricane it heads right into Miami… Mr. Dean listen up…DONT MESS UP MI PLANS!!!!!! I am asking nicely