Well I am back from my mini vacation, took the kids to Universal Studios in Orl and made a mental note to myself neeeever to do that again until they are in their teens! This is kinda selfish though, becasue they had a blast, but me… me ah tired!!! my poor arms ached from all the lifting of the 3yr old cause even though i rented a stroller for the days half the time she didnt want to be in it).  But let me back up! and talk about the experience out of the airport in JA first, this was easliy the most uncomfortable experience in an airport ever……it was a couple days after Deanie, the 23rd of August! and there was no light at the airport so that meant manual checking in of a sea of persons trying to get out of the island. There were people there who had thier flight from the day before the hurricane who still had not yet gotten on a flight….So imagine it….airport, no light which meant no AC, and a sea of people! with a 3 year old!!!!!! BWOY! then to make matters worse the flight was delayed, yes! Air J it was…anyway after finally getting out of there and reaching Fort Lauderdale i met up on a long line in FLL airport (2 other flights had just come in) and only 4, yes 4! immigration oficers working….all that with Little J sleeping….so trust me that was an experience i wud not want to repeat! Anyway that aside the kids had a blast…..i actually had time to do some fun stuff this trip (other than just shopping) so i guess the bad memories will fade soon…..
What a nail biting night we all had…..but again, I keep saying that if the JLP had to struggle to get the slight edge then Jamaica is in a bad way…they should stop annoucing the seats until the count is all finalised one minute the seat is for the pnp then it is Jlp then back to Pnp…..but as KG says since i didnt vote i should not have anything to say for the next five years!

The job
Been offered a new position in the same company…doing something completly different, well, i will be learning something new…not sure i am fully equiped for it but ……more on how that turns out later…..