Why is it that the opening of a new school term is always so chaotic???
Dropping my daughter to her second day at her new school, (first day for all the returning students) was a total headache! I drove around in circles three times before finally putting the car on the grassy sidewalk ( right beside the please do not park ont he grass sign) I know not a good example but trust me i think every parent who had a child at the school had parked and gone inside for something…so none of the cars were leaving
Then having dropped her off, the problem was to decide where the H#$^ to drive, there was traffic everywhere…..this resulted in me being 45 minutes late…….Sigh, the pressures of having kids 🙂 anyway hopefully by next week things will be back to normal….

On another note – What a run for Asafa……and the man still “draw up” at about 85m, why wont he just run through the tape??????? he proabbly would have gone under the 9.70 mark…anyway congrats to him and i hope by the time Olympics come around he would have settled mentally and be able to perform at his peak!

Anwyay off to do the work after being so late!