Well another Friday is here again….Before we know it it will be Santa time again…..I had an idea last night while i was going off to sleep and made a note to myself that i should post about it…but of course ah trying to remember what it was and it totally slip me……..oh well…..
Reading glasses
I think I need reading glasses……I am a big reader and I am now fnding that I need longer arms to hold the fineprint books away from me so I can read it….I can still read comfortably but after a while i feel the strain on my eyes..my last eyecheck up was under two years so i guess the big 40 really had its impact….

Left hand/Right hand
They say that lefties are the only people in their right minds…yeah corny…i know…but they say that the right half of the brain predonminates in people who are left handed……anyway I was thinking about this becasue apparantly as a child i favoured my left hand, my mom not liking the idea of a left handed daughter “turned” me into a rightie…..i sometimes find myself using both and once even used my left hand to write for about 2 wks in primary school after spraining my right hand….Just makes me wonder whether she supressed all my creatvity! HA….the leftie community had the likes of Beethoven, Einstein, Michalanglo, Leonardo Da vinci, Newton….and i could go on and on…..I guess i will never know…..in my next lifetime maybe…..

Most common letters
The ten most common letters in the English language(in order) are e, t, a, o, i, n, s, h, r, and d. I bet you all didnt know that….Now what will you do with that info???

Happy w/end……