October 2007

Over the last two days, I have been watching CNN keenly to keep up-to-date on the fires raging there…..The news has reported that it has been the largest evacuation ever in the US with almost 1 million persons being ordered out of their homes

When I first heard about it …It was Malibu that was reported and even though i watched it was more just for information on whats is happening out there in the world….then two nights ago i was reading about it on the CNN’s website and saw that San Diego was threatened….I immediately jumped on my phone and called as I have a very close friend (she used to be my neighbour when i was in high school) who lives there with her hubby, 3 kids and a dog!

Got her voice mail on my first attempt………..then called back after about 2 hours…….only to hear she was packing up all the important papers and items and keeping them near the door waiting on the word from officials to evacuate……at that time the fire was about 20 miles from her house….She said she only got trophy’s from the kids dancing and their costumes, the important papers, but said when she looked around the house she didn’t bother packing a lot of the other stuff saying to herself….”those can be replaced”

All of a sudden the whole thing became very real to me…..Can you imagine…..and i thought, what would i save in my house if I was faced with having to evacuate (would i be trying to take down the TV hanging on the wall…the stove…fridge…etc etc or would i simply just put the passport/birth certificate in, all my kids school reports from they hit school, the ribbons they have won in sports day..the box which has the little mothers day/fathers day cards they make in pre-school, etc etc….when you really stop what is important for us to save????? (this reminds me to get the contents of my house insured)

Anyway praying that all goes well for her and others affected…up-to-late night, she was still at home but they have been told to stay indoors, she could see the smoke and ash fallout from the fires so the air quality is bad…… Havent spoken to her since morning(they are 3 hours behind) but the wind seem to be dying down…so hopefully that is some good news

Got this recently and had to share it 🙂

Doesn’t the statue seem like she enjoying this a little to much…Don’t blame the baby after all, it sure looks like food! But seriously see how the boys start from early, i bet a girl baby wudn’t have done this 🙂


To go or not go! I hadn’t even read the report that was discussing whether or not to support Jah Cure by going to his show considering that he was convicted for rape until i saw Madbulls post on this. Not that i condone criminality but let us assume that he has regretted the act and learnt his lesson (that is if he did it as there was talk that it wasn’t rape….but that is a whole other post) ….performing is how he makes his living….should we therefore stop someones ability to earn when he re-enters society after serving time, what would that do to our society???? …but i wonder if it was my daughter/sister/friend that was raped…..i guess the feelings would depend on which side of the coin one is sitting….Now onto the show itself………

I got there about 9:30 ish feeling GREAT!!!!! about the night because I had just taken several pictures with Taurus Riley (you all know who he is:-) as he was staying at the same hotel that i was at) For all I care I didn’t need to even go to the show again 🙂 …..Anyway when we (my girlfriend and her sister who were here covering (yeah right) the show from ATL) got there the new upcoming (translation – no name artists) were performing on stage…….Now my biggest problem with shows like this, is they spend sooooooo much time introducing these no-namer, and trust me, i understand that is how they have to be introduced….but instead of giving them 1/2hr each, how about 10 minutes of time….people don’t pay their money to come and see them……anyway they threw in a few people during that time, Junior X, our big rising star Chris Martin (who looks like he has been working out a bit), Bling dog…..There was one artist (don’t memba the name) who came out in his full cricket gear……bat and all….i guess since we were in the stadium in Trelawny which was built and used for Cricket world cup…..Anyway, the first “big name” artist/group, Morgan Heritage came on at about 3:30 and performed for 20 min……let me tell you the people were climbing over and through the rails which separated the VIP/backstage area, why we must stay so??…..Yes people i was backstage so up was right up under the stage:-) and Stunner/Bobby, I left my camera at the hotel but i shud be getting some pictures/video clips later this week and will add them to the post then….After Morgan Heritage, who got a good 20 mintutes of performance they packed in all the big name performers between 4am and 7am, so imagine Junior Reid, Queen Ifrica, Coco tea, Cecile, Fantan Moja, Capelton (with matching shoes and dress), Little Hero, Richie Stephens, Gyptian, Richie Spice, Chuck Fender, TAURUS RILEY (he performed for about 9 minutes he came on at 5:40am, bwoy i really have a problem with this man don’t I, he has a gorgeous smile and a very nice personality, like i know him….), Wayne Marshall, Ninja man, I-Wayne, Bounty, Sizzla and nuff others….There was no Beres although he was billed to be there…..he was at the same hotel i was at though….but i digress……So you see, i don’t think we heard one good song from anyone of them, just pieces and nuff nuff pull ups…..Beenie Man also got a good amount of stage time he came on at about 6:30 ish and finished close to 7…..he brought his little son on stage to perform…..no mention at all of Da angel 🙂 …..Anyway the man of the moment came on at a little after 7 releasing 3 doves (well birds, don’t know if they were doves) dressed in white, down to the white timberland shoes……..He voice sounds just like his album but he was not much of an entertainer….kinda stiff on stage (him caan wine, he tried a little thing but it did stiff)….I guess it is all kinda new though cause most of his songs were done while he was in prison so him not so used to the stage performing thing yet……There was a guy who came on with him though……weird looking fellow, in a long robe, holding a piece of hair and a big nose ring…uhm (obeahman perhaps) will have to put up a pic of him so you can see what i am talking about….he was freaking out my friend! Anyway show finished at about 8…i got back to the hotel at about 9 and did not sleep until 8:30 last night…..Man..i am getting too old for this night life 🙂 … Read today that Jigsy King got arrested and so he should, he was very graphic and cussing the police and would not come off the stage when he was supposed to…do the artist think those things are cute??? The stadium was not all that packed, but then t would take a good crowd to fill that place, plus it was a holiday weekend with a lot of other stuff going on and also it was plenty rains in the days before the event……. Anyway will add the link to the Atlanta report as well as some pictures and hopefully some videos later……In the meantime my brother has set up a company to do live video streaming (dont really know all the full details yet) but he and his crew was there working too…you can get more info from the website is hardcorereggae.com

After 5 1/2 days of rain I can see sunshine and blue skies……….YEAH!!!!


Disclaimer: The sun seen at about 11am today will not necessarily stay in the sky until suunset this evening or the rest of the weekend for that matter!

Picture drawn by a bonifide bredren!

Apparantly my blog is worth $7339.02……

I wonder what kind of dollars are those and how do I cash in 🙂 anyway, if you want to know how much your blog is worth….. click the link on my sidebar……..it was fun to see!!!!

I did my first mammogram today!!!!!! For something that women over 40 need to do yearly you would think by now they could come up with a procedure which is less painful/uncomfortable…….Anyway i ended up going becasue another girlfriend was making her appointment to go and i thought…why not since i have reached the big 40…..
Went to Jamaica Cancer Society on Lady Musgrave Road, it was a very quick process…..no long waiting….Anyway for those who dont know, they squash your breast down to the thickness of a pancake! (imagine that) and then it is done both sideways and frontways. So each breast gets sqaushed two times….
Anyway after all that, i guess it is worth the little discomfort huh……casue it can save even more painful times if you have a problem and it is detected early! I made a mental note to make sure to start my own breast exams while in the shower as i really dont do it…and I know better and know that I should ….
So this is a gentle reminder for all those of us out there who is due or overdure getting their mammogram.. (One more thing to note, try to schdule when it is not that time of mth dont make the mistake i did…..as it even more painful then as dem done tender already)….Men should also know that they should check their breast regulary for any changes ……
Also, women, remember your yearly pap smears too….

Why do we ( and by we, I mean Jamaicans, not me per say) complain of blocked drains which cause flooding when we are the same ones blocking them. It is appaling to see the box juice boxes, lunch box, newpapers and other paper type material, dead animals, mattress (yes mattress) that we see in our drains and then we wonder why we have flooding…..

I got stuck in a traffic that took me about 45 mintues to get though while every minute wondering if the car was gonna shut off on me….all this while passing cars who had shut off while attempting to pass through the water…now this is a distance that would take me just about 1 mintues lets even be generous and say two minutes  to drive……From East Avenue to Industrial Terrace…..It was unbelivable……Now October is our month where we get the most rain ( ah just re-learned this from my sons grade 5 notes) I was thinking it was May…..anyway now that our rainy period is here i hope this wont be a weekly occurence!

When i went on the road at about close to one there was about 4 SUV’s parked along the road while 2 tractors cleared the drain…Classic……Always corrective and not preventative………

So unless your drain is blocked by sand, dirt, trees, grass which has grown, then dont complain ….STOP THE LITTERING!!!!!

I read this article in yesterdays Gleaner  about “In search of the codfish head” and realised that I have never seen one, but more importantly I have never ever thought about wher e the head was or what it looks like….but based on this article people may stop eating codfish if they were to see its head…..I asked some of the older heads around the office and heard the same story of the codfish being likened to the so called mermaid!!!mmmmmhhhhhmmm This will make me think while i am eating my next ackee and codfish meal, it wont stop me, but i will think about it…..

I have some friends from ATL who are some serious reggae fans….they made their booking from over one month ago to be here for curefest which is coming up on the heroes weekend……I should be there for the main event which is the Sunday night….so i will be looking forward to have Mr. Taurus Riley singing to me again….seriously though, it looks like a great line-up, should be fun……