Why do we ( and by we, I mean Jamaicans, not me per say) complain of blocked drains which cause flooding when we are the same ones blocking them. It is appaling to see the box juice boxes, lunch box, newpapers and other paper type material, dead animals, mattress (yes mattress) that we see in our drains and then we wonder why we have flooding…..

I got stuck in a traffic that took me about 45 mintues to get though while every minute wondering if the car was gonna shut off on me….all this while passing cars who had shut off while attempting to pass through the water…now this is a distance that would take me just about 1 mintues lets even be generous and say two minutes  to drive……From East Avenue to Industrial Terrace…..It was unbelivable……Now October is our month where we get the most rain ( ah just re-learned this from my sons grade 5 notes) I was thinking it was May…..anyway now that our rainy period is here i hope this wont be a weekly occurence!

When i went on the road at about close to one there was about 4 SUV’s parked along the road while 2 tractors cleared the drain…Classic……Always corrective and not preventative………

So unless your drain is blocked by sand, dirt, trees, grass which has grown, then dont complain ….STOP THE LITTERING!!!!!