I did my first mammogram today!!!!!! For something that women over 40 need to do yearly you would think by now they could come up with a procedure which is less painful/uncomfortable…….Anyway i ended up going becasue another girlfriend was making her appointment to go and i thought…why not since i have reached the big 40…..
Went to Jamaica Cancer Society on Lady Musgrave Road, it was a very quick process…..no long waiting….Anyway for those who dont know, they squash your breast down to the thickness of a pancake! (imagine that) and then it is done both sideways and frontways. So each breast gets sqaushed two times….
Anyway after all that, i guess it is worth the little discomfort huh……casue it can save even more painful times if you have a problem and it is detected early! I made a mental note to make sure to start my own breast exams while in the shower as i really dont do it…and I know better and know that I should ….
So this is a gentle reminder for all those of us out there who is due or overdure getting their mammogram.. (One more thing to note, try to schdule when it is not that time of mth dont make the mistake i did…..as it even more painful then as dem done tender already)….Men should also know that they should check their breast regulary for any changes ……
Also, women, remember your yearly pap smears too….