Over the last two days, I have been watching CNN keenly to keep up-to-date on the fires raging there…..The news has reported that it has been the largest evacuation ever in the US with almost 1 million persons being ordered out of their homes

When I first heard about it …It was Malibu that was reported and even though i watched it was more just for information on whats is happening out there in the world….then two nights ago i was reading about it on the CNN’s website and saw that San Diego was threatened….I immediately jumped on my phone and called as I have a very close friend (she used to be my neighbour when i was in high school) who lives there with her hubby, 3 kids and a dog!

Got her voice mail on my first attempt………..then called back after about 2 hours…….only to hear she was packing up all the important papers and items and keeping them near the door waiting on the word from officials to evacuate……at that time the fire was about 20 miles from her house….She said she only got trophy’s from the kids dancing and their costumes, the important papers, but said when she looked around the house she didn’t bother packing a lot of the other stuff saying to herself….”those can be replaced”

All of a sudden the whole thing became very real to me…..Can you imagine…..and i thought, what would i save in my house if I was faced with having to evacuate (would i be trying to take down the TV hanging on the wall…the stove…fridge…etc etc or would i simply just put the passport/birth certificate in, all my kids school reports from they hit school, the ribbons they have won in sports day..the box which has the little mothers day/fathers day cards they make in pre-school, etc etc….when you really stop what is important for us to save????? (this reminds me to get the contents of my house insured)

Anyway praying that all goes well for her and others affected…up-to-late night, she was still at home but they have been told to stay indoors, she could see the smoke and ash fallout from the fires so the air quality is bad…… Havent spoken to her since morning(they are 3 hours behind) but the wind seem to be dying down…so hopefully that is some good news