On Tuesday I went to my very first yoga class…..

Now all the background info i had on yoga was that it is supposed to be relaxing and will allow for some serious flexibility…..i had even gone as far as to order a dvd online, but always seemed to find one reason or another why i had no time to do it…….Anyway the rains have been pelting JA, which has virtually stopped my exercise program as i walk/ run in the great outdoors…..so last Sunday after feeling really guilty about not working out (or maybe it was the extra pounds that has been creeping on) i popped the dvd in and decided to start my yoga’ing…….now it was hard because the moves are a bit technical and trying to do it while following the tape was a challenge…but it revived my interest in actually trying it in the proper environment…so come Monday morning…as i reached the office…I called the gym……which i have been passing every morning on the way to work….to find out about their yoga program and off i went the next day (with a friend of mine from the office as company) to my very first class……..

Now the instructor, a young male (with a tramp stamp – a word i learned from SE) , mmmmhhhmmmmm…i will say no more on that….seems like a very cool guy and def he knew his stuff, his body contorts in such a way that made me wonder with much interest, what his sex life must be like………but if i can get my body to be limber like that !!!!!! WOW!!!!!! Anyway he has been doing yoga only for 4 years now so i guess there is hope for me reaching that level of flexibilty…….

It was one of the most therapeutic things i have done…there was one pose (he calls it the cure all pose, of ocurse i dont remember all the yoga names yet) that i seriously felt like drifting off to sleep…….I stretched and pulled and twist and turn like i have never done before ( and it was an introductory session because everyone was basically new to yoga)….the next day i realised that i had some muscles that i never knew existed…..

Anyway I had only paid for that one session at the time…. today i will go back and pay for the month!!!! we will see what happens after that!!!!!

NAMASTE ( this means the spirit in you, honors the spirit in me….or something like that…i will listen more keenly next time…this is said at the end of every class) I think i will end my posts with this word from now on!!!!!

PS….During the session, the friend who had come with me almost passed out!!!!!! She blamed it on not eating much that day, i blame it on the yoga!!!!!!