It turns out that i may just have found a relative with my exact name!!!!! What are the odds…… A couple days ago i got an msg from a person with my name on Facebook…..

After some investigations… turns out that we may indeed be from the same stock…..We will be doing some more investigations into the matter…….We are both married, but our birth names are the same!!!! And i am the younger one so is not even me did have the name first!!!! (although i was named by my maternal uncle, so that even makes the coincidences greater)

This brings me to an idea that i have been mulling around in my head for a while…..genealogy research on both of my parents……I am now even more pumped to do it….I hear it cost $600/hour at the RGD to do but i shudder each time i think about how long that office takes to do anything…. Seriously though, it would be interesting to see just where my and how firmly my roots are planted…. For instance i know from work previously done by some mothers roots are from a clan in Scotland….. and saw a Family crest that they have.

I will definitely check it out locally though, …or maybe explore to see if i can apply for it online……More on this later………