Man, It has been a while, November 9th was the last post i have done…..and trust me it is not that my life has suddenly gotten super interesting and exciting which resulted in my not posting….i guess ah so life so…….Maybe I should blame it on Facebook!

Well, since November 9th, i went to ATL for thanksgiving and saw a live comedy show at the FOX theater with Damon Wayans, Tommy Davidson and David Alan Grier (not sure bout the spellings) but that was really cool….Went to a party there (everybody should see stuff like this at least once in life), but unfortunalty cant say much more on that (to borrow the Vegas quote…..what happens in ATL stays in ATL)…..

Also i went to a 40th birthday party that 4 girls who have thier 40th birthday in Decmeber put on….This was wicked……I saw friends i have not seen in YEARS like 25 years ago….it is funny we joked about if we dont see each otehr for another 25 yrs then by that time we will be 65 (EGAD) frightening isnt it, it was great though as these are people i have grown up with and it was really special to sit and talk about old times as well as catching up on what everyone is doing with their lives now…Hopefully facebook will help the next 25 years to go by with more contact……

The rest of the season lowkeyed, apart from a few office parties and the wedding of a GOOD GOOD friend of mine, East Fest, and Giants of the 90’s, i pretty much have nothing else planned…….no New Years Eve PArty yet!!!!Might just be bedrock!

Other than that, life is same old same old….The Christmas season is very much here but somehow seems very low keyed to me this year…..Usually i would have all the presents already bought, but other than a few (and by that i mean 2) i have no other present under my tree!!!! I had bought for my son and of course he found them (big mistake was telling him that i had bought it) so nothing under the tree for him yet!!!! At least i have a tree….. Anyway is only kids get presents from me now-a-days, so i may just hand them an envelope and tell them to go buy whatever they want…..they may prefer that anyway, but it might end up costing me more….funny story with the Chirstmas pudding that i had sworn i wasnt gonna bake this year…Anyway my mom begged (she no longer bakes and depends on me to giver her her supply of cake to give away for the season, anyway she begs so two days ago i decided ok…got all the ingredients and was ready last nite to bake…..start creaming the butter and sugar, weighed out the bread crumbs and flour, and reachign for the fruits which should have been soaking since last year only to find ….NO FRUITS!!!! so at 9 o’clock last nite i had to rush out to Mega-mart and buy fruits, come home, blend them and steam them and wake up at 6this morning to finish baking!!!!…i havent tasted it yet as i left it in the oven this moroning and rushed to work…. so, lets hope it was all worth it….

Yoga is still going good, i am happy that i have started this, just paid again for another 8 classes so it will be around for a while…..

Anyway, off to start to catch up as it has been a while since i have read my blogroll peeps….