June 2008

Friday, Saturday and Sunday all filled with Track & Field at the National Stadium. I am dying for the games in China to begin so that i can see the real match up between Bolt and Asafa…(my heart is with Asafa, but Bolt looking really really easy, so effortless) Now on Saturday the stadium was filled to the brim, well grandstand anyway and it was the first time ever that the bleachers was opened to the public for these trials. Someone commented on the fact that they could remember when it was free to go to see the National Trials…..The filled stadium one would argue was all because of the “match up” b/n the two, but it was the women, both 100m and 200m that stole the meet. Can you imagine Veronica Campbell 4th in the 100m, she did redeem herself in the 200m though…..but the althete to watch is Kerron Stewart…..See this news report from the Miami Herald Do our altheltes run in the hills of Blue mountains

Before i went to the Stadium on Sunday, i went up to Orange Park Great house in St. Thomas. I tried “googling” the name to see if i could get anymore information on the history surrounding the House, but alas no luck so far.. The artist, Barrington Watson lives there with his family. He just got married and because it was a quiet ceremony, he had a little function for a few guest….Food and company was good….so i had a great time….Art was all over the house, as expected, the flooring looked to be the same stone flooring that must have been there from beginning….i could easily see that my house……..Speaking about house, i have my eyes set on one a little up the road from where i now live, to afford it, i will have to sell where i am living now ( i shudda just stole 4 paintings on Sunday and i wud be able to afford the house)…… I have not yet advertised mine, but bumped into someone who is very very interested and has applied to see if she would be approved for the mortgage…..so crossing all fingers and toes, and anything else that i can cross….

More anon….

It has been four months since my dad was placed in a nursing home..and yesterday i took him to spend the day at home with me. It was sheer bliss to see the look of comfort on his face. Now don’t get me wrong, the nursing home is pretty nice and he never looks uncomfortable in anyway whenever i pop in to see him (unannounced or not), but there was just a look of knowing that he was “home”. He watched the cricket on TV (usually he doesn’t pay much attention to whats on TV) and he enjoyed my great cooking (big grin)…anyway it felt good to have him at home on the day, i guess i dont have to wait until Fathers Day or birthday or any such occassion to just take him by. However, it was not as easy as it sounds as he can’t move around and his left side is bascially dead, so unless i have at least 2 males, and strong back males too, it would be hard to move him about, becasue even though there is a wheel chair, lifting him in and out of it is a challenge, even getting him to sit up in the chair at home was a hard task…..BUT at the end of all that it was a good day…..

Hope all the daddies and a great daddies day