July 2008

No more

LOVE THIS ONE TOO…Bwoy we little country talented!!!!

For the past few days i have been picking up my son from extra classes as he gets ready for GSAT next year…..So usually my radio is on Fame Fm and we hear the 12:30pm newscast. Every day there are several reports always ending in “pronounced dead”….Now it is almost second nature to me as i have almost become numb to hearing it….Once he counted and there were five stories ended in pronounced dead…and he said “mummy would it be nice for a change for there to be a whole news report without those words” and he and his friend started chanting the words “pronounced dead” to a reggae beat…….Today while heading to work i saw the body of a lifeless man lying on Maxfield Road, the police had cordoned the area so i had to divert from my normal route, he seemed to be a young guy had a black bag across his chest and there were scores of persons standing around while the police investigated…..and i thought here goes another report that will end in “pronounced dead” perhaps on the newscast as i pick up my son tomorrow or later on the TV news…..

What can we as individuals or as a society do??? Anything???

Can we one day just get up and hear instead that crime, injustice, corruption has been “pronounced dead” for a change?????

L.U.S.T – Just As I Am

Another favorite of mine….cant touch tarrus though